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Board is a long-term project.
We want to make the best visual bookmarking service in the world and we want it to be around for a very long time.

We made Board because we needed a solid platform to save our visual inspiration and design references. The problem is that in the last few months a few visual bookmarking services have shut down because they were not sustainable or not generating enough revenue for their founders and investors. Imagespark shut down on February and Zootool will shut down in March. And just like you, we don't want to keep moving our images every time a service goes away.

So, let's make a deal: you pay, we keep the lights on.

We are here to stay because we know how much you care about the images you save, especially if you are a creative professional. Images are the starting point of many of your projects and a central piece in every part of your work. In order to keep our promise we want to make sure we have enough resources to cover our costs. This cannot be done with a free product. We want to offer you a fair annual price to avoid the hassle of exporting your images every time a service is shutting down. We have some great example on the internet. Pinboard has conquered many hearts since Delicious started to mess things up and Posthaven is what Posterous has never been. We want to offer you a similar kind of product.

So here's what you can expect from Board now:

$ per year
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(The first couple of boards are on us, so you can give our product a try)